Education, alongside sterilisation, must be one of the most important jobs Winelands SPCA has to tackle, and also one of the most difficult.

In the communities in which WSPCA works there is such dire poverty, that a simple question "What food do you buy for your dog to eat?" can be met with a puzzled look. Where so many families and individuals struggle to feed themselves, pet food is a luxury many cannot afford. Fortunately small dogs can survive well on "huiskos" but the larger breeds will never flourish.

Similarly where violence and shouting can be the norm, a request to speak gently to the puppy and carry it properly is often met with amazement. Nevertheless there are many children who derive great pleasure from their pets.  We welcome visits from learners, provided we have prior notification, so that we can prepare a short programme. Parents and small children are also welcome but also please give us prior warning.